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Avoid Common Relocating Mistakes

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Relocating mistakes can be costly to your existing property, to your furniture and your belongings. If you are completing your move without the help of a moving company, read the following relocating mistakes from Northern Beaches Removalist. They are designed to help property owners relocate without damaging their properties.

Avoid the Top Moving Mistakes Property Owners Make

The biggest mistake property owners make is not planning their move properly. The best way to avoid this common moving mistake is to have a checklist that you follow that helps you to plan your move. Your moving checklist should plan your days, weeks and even months prior to your move. The checklist should be one that is thorough, alerting you to when to begin to gather boxes, sort your items, take care of activities like your doctor records and address changes, when to begin packing, etc. Having a checklist will help you to save time, effort and money as every step of the move is planned. If your budget permits it, you may want to obtain a moving quote or two as movers can save you a great deal of stress and strain.

Not asking for an in-house estimate from their movers. Getting a rough estimate and hiring the mover is a mistake. Your moving estimate should be precise, showing a breakdown of all expenses and services associated with the move. The Northern Beaches moving company should offer an in-house binding estimate. If you are unable to obtain an in-house binding estimate on your move, this could be your biggest mistake as you may find many expenses tacked onto the move.

Not obtaining more than one quote. When you are contacting moving companies, ask for quotes on your move. This is especially important if you are not getting an in-house estimate on your move. Take into consideration the quality and experience as well as the professionalism of the mover, and not just their rate.

Not performing the proper research on moving companies. Research moving companies before you consider the moving company for your move. Ask friends and family for recommendations, check the moving company’s license, insurance and whether they are an accredited mover.

Selecting the company with the lowest quote as your moving company. This can be a huge mistake. While budget movers are great, they are only great if they offer quality relocations. When comparing movers, you’ll find that moving companies are very competitive in their rates and it is seldom that you’ll find a professional mover priced 30 percent or more below other moving companies.

Leaving items out during the estimate. It is essential that your moving company has an accurate checklist of all your items to be moved. Your moving quote should be based on your inventory that you will be relocating. Therefore, accuracy is a must.

Packing improperly or last minute packing. Not packing properly and last minute packing are often the same thing. Packing requires planning and preparation as well as time to ensure you pack your items properly. Furniture must be disassembled, moving supplies collected, etc.

Not understanding your insurance coverage. If you have a moving company performing your move, then you will have basic limited liability at no cost; however, this is not insurance. Discuss your coverage with the moving company and then contact your private insurance company to discuss any additional coverage that may be needed.

Having your moving company transport your valuables like important documents or jewelry. Leaving inherited valuables, jewelry, money and important documents to be moved by the moving crew is a mistake. Keep all valuables like jewelry with you, transporting them in your vehicle.

Not understanding your contract. Property owners often sign on the dotted line without understanding the paperwork. If there is something in the contract that is unclear, then ask your moving company to explain and do not sign until you understand all parts of the contract.

Relocating a home or an office is a big task. If you have a moving company, ask the moving company for a moving checklist and helpful pointers and tips as well as packing materials. Many movers supply their customers with boxes, wrap, and other moving essentials. It is important that you begin to plan and implement your move at least a month prior to moving day to ensure a move that is stress free as well as to avoid the chance of overlooking activities and avoiding damage. You will thank yourself in the end.

For a damage free move, to discuss your moving needs or to obtain budget moving rates on quality relocations, Northern Beaches Removalists welcomes you to give us a call. We are professional movers that offer local and Interstate moves. Whether relocating across town or to another state, a quality relocation at a budget moving rate is guaranteed. Just give us a call at the number below or contact us via our webpage.

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    I’d like to commend David and his team for the efficient and excellent customer service they have provided us. His team arrived 20 mins earlier than the arranged time, did a quick assessment of how long the move will take and got the job done. David and his team was courteous as well!

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    We moved yesterday and the two men arrived on time, we estimated for a two hour move (one bedroom granny flat) and came in at two hours which was great as I was stressing about money. The guys didn’t muck around and I was very pleased with the service.

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    I had David and Sam move me from Baulkham Hills to Northmead. I was really happy with the service they provided. everything went very smoothly and with a minimum of fuss. The guys were great. If I need to move again I will be ring AAA City. I am also happy to recommend them to others.